I am a trainer in training! I offer grooming, turnouts, lunging, ground work, exercise riding, and basic undersaddle training for all horses. My specialty is corrective training on problem horses and I most frequently work with OTTBs. I have the most experience in hunters, equitation, and dressage although I have also ridden jumpers, eventers, and done basic reining. 


My precious little girl is ready for her new home! I adopted Savannah from HiCaliber Horse Rescue as a project horse to train and she has let me know that she is ready to meet her person! 
She is an incredibly sweet, laid-back little girl who is a clean slate! She stands around 15 hands and is approximately 9 years old. She has had a handful of rides at the walk and trot with a bit of canter thrown in. She goes in a bit and has been ridden in a side pull as well. Great ground manners and very people-oriented.
She is great for the vet and only gets a bit nervous with the farrier. I had been sedating her for trims but she did wonderfully two weeks ago with no drugs! UTD on everything.
Conformationally, she does have long pasterns and a longer back so she needs a rider on the lighter side and is not suitable for regular jumping. She is sound and game for anything else though! I think she would make an awesome dressage horse with her MASSIVE floaty trot.
Her only vice is that she paws while tied up, but she has never pulled back and I’m sure it would be a relatively easy fix. I just don’t use the hitching rail much since she stands so nicely in her stall.
She is an easy keeper and only eats Bermuda and half a flake of alfalfa at night. She was getting a bit of grain but since the budget has gotten tighter she hasn’t been on it for a few months now and looks great as ever.
Gorgeous shiny coat, thick mane and tail, and good feet. She gets trimmed every 8 weeks and is barefoot. She does have some scarring on her body from being low on the totem pole in her pasture days but no injuries that interfere with her soundness. 
She does get along well with other horses and has been a fabulous babysitter for my very needy 3 year-old mare.
I could talk about her for days so I’ll stop there but please email me for more details! She is such a special girl and I want to find someone who can give her the time and attention she deserves!
Asking $1200 but with my transfer to university next fall I am motivated! Make me an offer :)


I currently have 1 rescue horse in the program,  Savannah. She was adopted from HiCaliber Horse Rescue on June 25, 2018.  I am planning to train her as a lower-level dressage horse.



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Kelly Covey (Foxlair West)

Amy Drinco (Hunter Vallley Riding Academy)

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Working Student-Kelly Covey (Foxlair West)

Working Student-Nicole Perry

Exercise Rider/Groom-Pillsbury Ranch

Stall Cleaner-Elizabeth Johnson (Artisan Dressage)